Each workshop by Dr. Emily Anhalt is customized to meet the needs of your company or organization. Workshops can be tailored for groups or teams of almost any size. Below are the most popular workshops as well as the option to create your own.

All engagements begin with a complimentary consultation to assess your needs. 

Custom Workshop

Work with Dr. Anhalt to design a workshop or presentation to meet the specific needs of your company or organization. Examples of past custom workshops include Managing Stress, The ADHD Executive, How to Deal with Difficult People, Team Bonding After Rapid Onboarding, and How to Set and Execute Goals.

The Emotionally Fit Leader

25 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins

The stress that leaders are under constantly is extremely taxing on the psyche and spirit. In this workshop, founders, executives, and entrepreneurs will learn about the importance of looking inward, processing through difficult emotions, and working toward self-awareness and self-improvement. In addition to exploring the seven traits of emotionally fit leaders, they will take steps toward developing their own emotional fitness regimen.

Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

45 mins, 90 mins

This workshop is designed for anyone who has ever felt inadequate, intellectually fraudulent, or inferior at work. In the world of tech, where every position is prestigious and coveted, imposter syndrome is surprisingly common and hugely detrimental to productivity. This workshop will help participants recognize and understand their imposter syndrome, and learn practical techniques to disrupt their self-doubt.

Empathetic Communication & Conflict Management

120 mins

Communicating both effectively and empathically at work, especially during times of conflict, can be tricky. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn about how to both speak and listen empathically, and will be led through a formulaic approach (based on empirically-validated Non-Violent Communication methodology) to confront and work through conflict in the workplace. Role play using real-life scenarios allows participants to practice communicating with their newly acquired methods and tools.

The Importance of Mental Health in the Workplace

60 mins

Due to the heavy stigma that mental health carries, it is rarely discussed in the workplace. In this presentation, Dr. Anhalt will speak about why taking care of your mental and emotional health is so important and how working on mental fitness will improve employees' lives at work and at home. Participants will learn about the differences between various types of therapy and how to choose the right one for them. This workshop includes personalized resources and referrals from Dr. Anhalt for any interested attendee.

Dealing with Difficult People

90 mins

We all know or work with difficult people. We all have our moments being the difficult person. Interpersonal issues can make it very difficult to do productive work. In this workshop, partcipants will learn why people are difficult, and why certain types of people are particularly tough to find common ground with. Tools will be given for dealing with difficult coworkers, customers, bosses, or employees, and participants will explore how to identify when they are contributing to the problem.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

90 mins

Even the most secure and confident people have some trouble taking in criticism and negative feedback. Having to deliver it isn't easy either. In this experiential workshop, you will learn how to deliver both positive and constructive feedback in a candid and effective manner. We will also explore how to take in and make use of feedback from others, even when it feels difficult or incorrect. 

The Power of Play

90 mins

The ability to play is an important developmental milestone, and is hugely beneficial in the workplace. This workshop has two components: the first piece is a didactic presentation exploring the psychology of play and explaining why play is so important in work, life, and relationships. The second piece involves actually playing! Participants will be led through both intellectual and physical games to exemplify the value of play. This workshop is great for team bonding and is both informative and fun.