Ensure you're meeting the emotional and psychological needs of your employees through highly personalized sessions with Dr. Emily Anhalt. Executive consultation involves personal and confidential 1:1 meetings with Dr. Anhalt while team consultation incorporates HR, management, and employees. Investing in Psychological Consulting creates a system of understanding and support when you need it most.

Executive Support

The founders and executive team of a company create and model the ethos and culture of their organization. In order to keep the ship on course, it is important have a safe place to process through personal and work issues. Dr. Emily Anhalt facilitates a completely confidential space in which to have difficult conversations, communicate more effectively, and increase self-awareness. This can be accomplished in as few as 1-3 private sessions, or for more complex and personal situations, an ongoing weekly session with Dr. Anhalt can be established. All engagements begin with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to discuss a course of action.

  • Founder mediation, process, and growth
  • Human Resources executive support consultation

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Team Support

In a growing company, everything is constantly shifting. Change is complicated and everyone deals with uncertainty differently. Team consultation with Dr. Anhalt consists of confidential sessions with management followed by a separate component for employees. After meeting with HR to understand the issues and changes at hand, Dr. Anhalt facilitates an interactive session with managers to share techniques for communicating and dealing with employee's reactions and emotions. Dr. Anhalt then holds a separate session for employees to discuss the impacts of the change or issue, to process through their reactions, and to help them proceed effectively and productively.

  • Major policy changes
  • Acquisitions
  • Key leadership transitions
  • Company exits

Price Upon Request