Psychological Consulting

Psychological consultation bridges the gap between business and human psychology.

As companies grow to meet the demands of global markets, their executives, managers, and employees are facing new challenges beyond the responsibility of their Human Resource department. Psychological consulting is a highly human, insightful, and results-driven approach that confronts common issues such as attrition, management turnover, imposter syndrome, and working with difficult personalities.

Dr. Emily Anhalt offers a new way to educate and inform managers and employees about these common situations. Through personalized workshops and 1:1 consultations, her extensive knowledge of psychology is applied to organizations hoping to improve internal leadership, communication, and collaboration. Psychological consultation is beneficial for any company that understands that investing in the well-being and self-awareness of its leadership team and employees will ultimately benefit the company as a whole.


Confidentiality is the most sacred principle in the world of psychology and is at the forefront of all of Dr. Emily Anhalt's engagements. Dr. Anhalt believes that in addition to keeping information safe, an unshakeable trust in confidentiality creates an opportunity for ideas and feelings to emerge that might or could not have surfaced otherwise.